Over the Garden Wall was established in 1994.

Mia Marsay then joined the South African Landscape Institute a few years later as a member in training , being mentored and her staff getting training through partnerships affiliated to South African Green Industries Council.

Over the Garden Wall grew into an award winning landscaping business owing to Mia’s vision and dedication to her clients. Mia creates gardens that are in harmony with Nature where birds, bees and butterflies play and where water is a precious resource.

Over the Garden Wall has been acknowledged by S.A.L.I. with many prestigious awards, currently Mia serves as a principal member.

What we do

  • Landscaping consultations requiring expertise in design in horticulture
  • Design work (planting pallets and landscape design)
  • Sketch Plans
  • Drawings and BOQ
  • Garden Re-vamps
  • Installation of new landscape projects
  • Water features
  • Irrigation
  • Maintenance

Garden Maintenence

Want a beautiful garden all year round, but don’t have the time or know-how to maintain it? We can help.

Water Features & Irrigation

A well functioning irrigation system, and beautiful water features are a must in your garden.

Garden Design & Landscaping

Our passion is creating a unique space for you to enjoy and appreciate.

We are based in Lyttelton, Pretoria, South Africa

The Team at Over the Garden Wall can help you keep your home or business garden at it’s best all year round!

We pride ourselves in creating an outdoor space that you can be proud of.

Let us make your outdoor living space beautiful!

We have 30 years experience.

gardening service

Many of Mia’s gardens have featured in some of South Africa’s top garden, landscaping and décor magazines, including Garden and Home, Visi,  Landscape SA and Footprint Limited.

Mia’s success as a landscaper lies in her dedication to her clients and ability to uncover what they really want – she gets to know the clients’ likes and dislikes and finds out what they have in mind for the garden. She also visits the site and analyses the property with regard to sun, site position, type of soil, land levels, drainage restraints, municipal by-laws and estate rule and regulations. After this, the concept of the garden is designed, plans are drawn up and the garden is implemented. Mia’s specialty is creating a ‘complete’ garden, one that works harmoniously with nature rather than against it. 

She is acutely conscious of our fragile environment and the need to value precious resources like water, and ensures that insects, birds and butterflies are part of the mix of every garden she creates. She also puts a lot of emphasis on applying organic matter to improve the soil

We create designer Landscapes

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